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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt threatened for your life or felt completely helpless before an attacker? It is a fact that at certain times in our lives, we are confronted with life threatening and dangerous situations or people. Such attackers and robbers do make our life really miserable; and it cannot be denied that a huge number of such heartless human beings are in possession of lethal weapons which can maim or kill people at any moment within a fraction of a second. Also such people would stop at nothing to get what they are willing to take, even if it means taking lives of people. This is the reason martial arts and many other self defense practices have been introduced throughout the world. But even with all these, a huge number of people live in perpetual fear that they can be attacked anytime by people with malicious intent to take your precious things, your money, your car or even your life.

We are here to let you know that you can now be in control of any situation with the help of the self defense program Secret Death Touches designed by Robert Lawrence.
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What exactly is the Secret Death Touches Program?

A lot of people become really helpless and give the attackers what they want; but that should never be the scenario because no one has the right to snatch that thing away from you which you have earned with hard work. And with the right technique, it won’t be difficult for you to turn the situation around, gain complete control and permanently or temporarily disable your opponent.

In this article, we are going to offer you the complete details of Secret Death Touches, a self defense program that promises to help you in achieving ultimate self defense capabilities. You might have heard about this phrase – secret death moves/touches from different Hollywood movies; but have you ever wondered that you could also defend yourself with this martial art practice? If you have not experienced it in reality, then you have no idea what an important self defense mechanism you have been missing out. For a lot of people it sounds mysterious and far-fetched, but Robert Lawrence has brought it at your doorstep to learn the essential techniques of Secret Death Moves for self defense in a really convenient way.

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How did Secret Death Touches Program Originate?

Learning any new skill is always a challenge; however the learning process has been made really easy by Robert Lawrence. But it is essential to remember that at its core, this is completely a self defense technique against extreme threats and dangers from fellow human beings; and this should NOT be practiced for fun or for experimenting. This is not exactly identical to other martial arts technique like Taekwondo; but with this knowledge, you shall be able to handle yourself against even the most dreaded martial arts. Now, before we delve deep into the features and advantages of the program, you need to know about its origin.

This program has been initialized by a former marine known as Robert Lawrence and it focuses on eleven techniques which are extremely powerful and designed in such a way that it can get you out from any situation irrespective of how dreadful or threatening it is.

The techniques can actually immobilize, cripple or eventually kill the person who attacks you. The techniques were developed by Robert Lawrence after what had happened with him and his grandchildren while two attackers pulled a gun on them at a toy parking lot. From that time onwards, he vowed to himself that what happened to him and his family should not happen again to anyone else in his family or any other person’s loved ones.

Robert Lawrence acquired martial arts skills from master Li, who at that time claimed to kill the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee with his formidable and abominable one touch death move. The program of Secret Death Touches comprises of easy step-by-step guide about overpowering an assailant and the video is focused on showing how to utilize less amount of body energy for disarming, repulsing, flooring and seriously hurting your attackers. It won’t matter what your age is, or whether you have learned martial arts previously or not. You shall only be able to learn about the program even if you start from scratch.
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The Eleven Moves or Techniques of Secret Death Touches

Now, we are going to delve more inside the program that makes usage of a concept identical to Acupuncture. You might be familiar with the term Acupuncture that involves inserting small pins on our body at certain pressure points for attaining better health and fitness. Now this program applies the same concept, but offers deadly outcomes.

The Secret Death Touches program is an amazing one that is definitely going to tantalize and enhance the energy within you. It incorporates a total of 11 moves which are extremely powerful and sensitive and these have been successful in seriously knocking down attackers with deadly weapons. Have you ever thought of knocking down a man with a gun pointed at you? With this secret death moves program, you can!

You will get to learn 11 deadly moves and tactics which, if you apply, you shall be able to put your attackers down without much effort. This is not at all about aggression or power; rather this is solely about gentle pushes and touches at certain pressure points which are going to disarm your attacker.
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What Will I get to Learn in this Secret Death Touches Program?

  • You shall have access to a follow-up video that reveals exactly how to employ these eleven techniques along with a comprehensive guide which shows you every technique in detail.
  • 24 additional self defense tactics from Master Li and also 2 more self defense techniques which are so much dangerous that you should only use them in life threatening situations, otherwise you might kill someone. The first one is going to interrupt the normal heart rhythm of your attacker while the second method is going to cause organ failure.
  • Stepwise instructions on the ancient one-touch techniques which shall disable or immobilize the attacker temporarily or permanently within just seconds.
  • Also, you shall be able to know the dos and don’ts when you face several attackers for freeing yourself and turn the situation in your favor.
  • Detailed information about the most common mistakes that individuals make when they face an attacker or an armed assailant.
  • Tips on using only fingers to defeat your attackers almost instantly.
  • The Secret Death Touches program contains the argument about why your fists should never be used in a hand-to-hand combat. Knowing the secret pressure points, you can just tap and send that person to a hospital without even touching his nose.
  • A special technique which will help you in breaking the sinus membrane of your attacker.
  • Advice on where you should hit an attacker when you are cornered or the person has a knife on your throat.
  • Complete details on a fast move that shall help you neutralize an attacker safely without giving him the chance of hurting you.
  • Simple two-finger moves that will make your attacker kneel down with excruciating pain.
  • What you can do when you face several attackers at once.
  • The only factor you have to stop doing when you are menaced with a gun to your face.


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Why is Secret Death Touches Better than other Martial Arts Techniques

  • With the Secret Death Touches program, you shall be able to equip yourself with skills which can protect you and your loved ones. This is a self defense technique that will eradicate all your fear of being attacked by mobs or getting robbed while returning home late at night.
  • Tested and proven methods: This one is definitely a great alternative to the usual martial arts or self protection classes like Judo, King Fu etc.
  • The program is really flexible and you won’t have to kill any attackers unless your life is threatened or you are forced to use deadly moves. You shall be able to control your attacker easily with small and flexible moves.
  • This program is suitable for an individual of any age as long as he/she is willing to learn secret death moves.
  • There isn’t any requirement of prior knowledge of martial arts training, or a muscular body or any other factors. Any normal person with standard health shall be able to learn this program easily and attain real results by practicing it for a certain period.
  • It is completely risk-free.

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The Pros and Cons of Learning the Secret Death Touches

Better protection for you and your loved ones: it cannot be denied that we live in an age where sexual attacks on women and girls, robbery, theft and many other forms of violence and crimes have become a daily incident. And unfortunately, these crimes can happen to anyone during any given time or age. This is why it is a good idea to be prepared by learning something such as Secret Death Touches program and counteract such assaults if these happen to you. If you do not have the required time or financial support for enrolling into martial arts classes, then you can definitely opt for these proven and effective techniques for being able to defend yourself at the time of need.


Suitable even for beginners and novice individuals: It is really convenient for any individual even with no martial arts or fighting knowledge at all to master the secret death moves. You don’t need a stout body either. All you need to do is keep following the step-by-step instruction guide and the detailed follow-up video which makes learning the moves correctly in an easy manner.

Not necessarily lethal: It is a fact that every individual is not mentally at the same level like our attackers, so it can be really hard for a commoner to suddenly get into combat if they are threatened with their lives by the attackers. This is the best part of the program because it will allow you in controlling the force you apply. Thus, instead of killing him, you can just immobilize the attacker and save you and your loved one’s lives.

Inexpensive and Practical: Yes, it is definitely great to learn martial arts like Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu; but also it has been researched that these martial arts classes do not come cheap at all. The average cost per month for learning martial arts ranges from $75 to $150 per month; and it can go even higher depending on the place and reputation. Enrolling here doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to master the skills in a short time. Thus, it cannot be denied that you need to invest a good amount of money and time to hone the skills of such self defense techniques. On the other hand, this program can be yours for a very reasonable amount and you won’t have to make any monthly payments like you would have done in case of martial arts classes. Also you shall have the advantage of learning the skills at your own place, so you can manage time accordingly.

The Money back guarantee: If the program is working for you and you’re able to learn the program, then it’s really great. However, if you cannot master the death moves, irrespective of trying your heart and soul, then you can rest assured, your money shall be returned. But you need to confirm this within 60 days of purchase. It has been explained by Robert Lawrence that he allows users to test this secret death moves program for a complete 2 months days after you have purchased it. This gives the buyers enough time to read, understand and practice. Even then, if you are feeling that it is not a right choice for you, then you can return the program and you shall have guaranteed refund.

Helps you build confidence: As you are going out for your work or business every day, you carry a lot of valuables like, cash, mobile, tablet or ornaments; and there are possibilities you might be robbed any time. This program helps you in building confidence even if you have been a victim in your past. This program is definitely going to boost your self self-belief.


It needs considerable commitment from your side: Now this thing is important. Only buying and reading the relevant information and factors, will not make you safe. You need to hone the skills, offer a good amount of time, commitment and practice real-time to train yourself for certain circumstances. You need to practice the death moves for making them work under different situations and also remember that you won’t have any trainer in front of you. So you are on your own and it is absolutely up to you as to how much you are able to prepare by yourself.

This is a digital product only: The secret death moves program has been made available for instant download and all the material which is available within the package is only accessible from the “members only” area of the website. And if you do not have internet access at home or you are not interested in reading eBooks with concentration, then this program might not be suitable for you. And also, its accessibility by a wrong person might become a cause of concern to our present world.
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Is Secret Death Touches Program a Legit One?

Yes, we understand the amount of myths and questions that surround Secret Death Touches and a huge number of people are curious to know whether such moves exist in our real life or not.

In such a scenario, this program offered by Robert Lawrence is NOT a scam AT ALL. This program really helps any individual who is interested in learning procedures for self defense and the program is such that it is going to help you overcome small attacks to deadly threats. The death touch moves have been tested and proven methods and more importantly, you have the guarantee of full refund of money if you do not find it suitable for your use. So, this is beyond doubt a legit one and if you are interested in trying it out, you should go for it.
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Secret Death Touches – A survival guide for common people

In a world where you are never sure when you might become a victim of any violent attack, it is really essential that you prepare yourself early enough. Secret death moves is such a program that is going to allow you in knowing the skills and techniques which are really essential in disarming, paralyzing or even kill an attacker when your own or your loved one’s life is actually at stake. The best part is it is not at all difficult to learn if you dedicate a little time regularly towards it. You shall know exactly how to use the techniques learned within a few days of training and it can be taken by your entire family for basic self defense and protection even if you are not around to protect them. In this way they shall also feel safe to a greater extent.

The thought of being a victim of any violent crime can become very much real at any possible time. And in a majority of such circumstances, the attackers are in search of quick bucks or snatch away valuable items as fast as they can and then run away before getting caught. With the special self defense skills learned through Secret death moves, you can be in control of the situation and ensure that you do not get harmed. The program comprises of practical defensive skills and tactics along with proven effectiveness for protecting average people from the violent attackers.

This is actually a survival guide for emergency attacks which every individual should have in the present scenario. We believe that even if you do not completely trust the secret death moves, there is absolutely nothing to lose if you try out this program for two months. Buy the program, gain access to “members only” area and initialize your journey to complete self defense without spending too much money. And also if this program does not suit you, you have the guarantee of a full refund.

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Secret Death Touches – Conclusion

It is true that similar to many other self defense programs, even this one does have its pros and cons; it can be just the perfect choice for an individual, while it might not be suitable for a few people as well. That being said, we believe it won’t be difficult to attain refunds in case you are not able to cope with the steps mentioned in the program. We already know Robert Lawrence shall offers 100% refund of your money and 60 days is quite a long enough time that allows you to try and understand whether these steps of self defense suit you or not. Personally speaking, we are really fond of this program that teaches even novice people how to defend against attackers in case of necessity. Another big favorable feature is that at just $49, this is inexpensive, practical and keeps you in complete control so that you do not misuse your force within.

Remember that while you are in a fight, whatever that may be, physical or emotional, strength comes from within and this program is designed to bring out the courage within an individual to fight attackers. This is a reason why the program can be practiced by any person of any age.

All in all, we would definitely recommend Secret Death Touches training program which is specifically dedicated towards helpless and average people who fall prey to attacks of violence. This is NOT about killing, but it is about immobilizing your attacker to defend and protect yourself by using ancient techniques. This is the reason we invite you to give it a try, we bet you shall not at all regret it. The program is currently selling for as low as $49 and comes with an iron-seal 100% Money-back guarantee. With prices eventually going to be increased, we believe NOW is the right time to give it a try. You get two whole months, or 60 days to test it out; and if you still aren’t satisfied with it, you can have your money returned, no questions asked.

Go ahead and order your personal digital copy of the program today.

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